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In BROKEN JUSTICE, I give a broad view of THE STATE OF THE JUSTICE SYSTEM in our country at this very moment in our history.  I also talk about how a justice system that was NOT BUILT FOR EVERYONE can create doubt about the legitimacy of the court or the judge.  I then talked about how this CORRUPTION impacted my specific case and subsequently CONTRADICTED the very notion of equal justice for all in our country. 

In the American judicial system, the most advanced in the world in my view, the judge has to be impartial to prevent the creation of a crisis of legitimacy. The judge should be acutely aware of the limitation of his/her power.

I revere this great nation’s judicial system, but it’s marred with corruption, especially the Family Court system. The Court’s egregious rulings in my case have caused me to lose trust in and respect for the system. Frankly, if you live in this country, you should also be concerned, because what happened to me could happen to anyone.

I feel sad about the current state of the justice system in our country, marred by corruption, cover-ups, prejudice, stereotyping, racism, bigotry and the pervasive influence of white privilege in the administration of justice. This is, I believe the greatest moral test and challenge of our time.

While many may believe that the downfall of our democracy – this exceptional experiment, stems solely from the deterioration of our political system, it is crucial here to recognize that the erosion of our justice system also poses a significant and substantial threat. The integrity of our democracy can be equally compromised by the degradation of the very institution designed to safeguard fairness, equality and justice for all. The court system in our country is more permeable to influence than you think. In my judgement, critiquing the flaws of the system is the highest form of patriotism. And I am glad to have done just that in this book.

 Our justice system overwhelmingly favored the rich, the affluent and the well-connected. The very notion of equal justice for all in our country is a myth! So, please go to for more information and please SIGN AND SHARE MY PETITION. By joining forces, we aim to hold the system accountable and advocate for legislative changes that can improve the legal process, ensuring better service for the families it serves.

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