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Hi, I am Mamadou, and this is my story. In 1985, I immigrated to the United States with the noble pursuit of the American Dream. Through years of dedicated effort, I attained a culmination of achievements, acquiring degrees and expertise in diverse fields such as math, chemistry, pharmacy, healthcare administration, and even contributing to the development of a clinical intervention software in 1998, when the World Wide Web was only 5 years old. Alongside these accomplishments, I built a business in nutritional supplements.  However, my story took a disheartening turn as it intersected with a justice system led astray by the manipulations of a bitter and vindictive ex-wife, morally bankrupt attorneys, and a corrupt judge.

I like to think of myself as a resilient man facing the relentless storm of a justice system gone awry, and who stood as a testament to the endurance of the human spirit. My journey through the harrowing post-divorce legal battles began in 2014, yet the echoes of injustice continued to still reverberate in my life. I have found myself entangled in a web of deceit woven by my ex-wife and her unscrupulous lawyers. These legal vultures, devoid of morality, concocted schemes that transcended the boundaries of human decency.

One of their most egregious acts involved emotionally abusing me and my children. I write in details about this in the book.  Other examples include, manufacturing evidence and filing it with the court, orchestrating a deplorable plan to seize my vehicle, abduct my children, and drain my bank account. The cruelty of their agenda knew no bounds, leaving scars that ran deep within the hearts of a broken family.

In their pursuit of financial gain, my ex-wife was advised by one of her attorneys to quit her job and fraudulently apply for Social Security disability benefits, so I would pay child support at an even higher rate. A chilling example of how these attorneys manipulated the system for their own gain, regardless of the human cost. The depths to which they sank seemed bottomless, filing motions that bordered on the absurd, such as demanding that I provide my mother’s will, even though she was very much alive.

The depravity reached its zenith when a judge, seemingly blind to justice, dismissed nearly all my exhibits and declared my ex-wife disabled without evidence. This, despite Social Security rejecting her disability application and her own physician’s clinical findings refuting her claim of disability. The judge, an inexplicable arbiter of fate, ruled in favor of the fraudulent disability benefits.  And this despite me having already paid seven years of child support for my two kids and seven years of spousal support to my ex-wife and that my child support and spousal support obligations had been achieved.

Although my children have emancipated, I have also paid an additional 29 months of extra child support for my older daughter and 9 months of extra child support at twice the rate of the previous seven years for my younger daughter. I have also given half of my retirement savings to my ex-wife, although she refused to go to work for 10 of the 13 years we were together.  I am also responsible for my children’s health, dental and vision insurance premiums, which I do not mind. Despite all of that, a Judge with a corrupt sense of reality ordered me to pay my ex-wife’s attorney fees, $73,000 and an additional $52,800 in child support. HOW MUCH IS ENOUGH, HOW MUCH IS ENOUGH?

I, however, refuse to be broken by the system that has failed me. I have therefore decided to embark on a journey to expose the truth and hold those responsible for these egregious acts accountable. 

Faced with injustice within the legal system and feeling a lack of recourse elsewhere, I am compelled to bring my case to the COURT OF PUBLIC OPINION. In this endeavor, I am wholeheartedly dedicated to recounting my story within the pages of this book and please Sign and Share My Petition.  By joining forces, we aim to hold the system accountable and advocate for legislative changes that can improve the legal process, ensuring better service for the families it serves.

Mamadou Diakité

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